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Her most recent work is 'Letter from a Dead Man'

Letter from a Dead Man

The 'Writing Bug'

"Letter from a Dead Man" is Dawn's first book and is a thrilling murder mystery, set on the Isle of Wight in 1793 at the height of the French revolution.


With Britain and France at war, the Islanders live in constant fear of invasion, and when a series of fatal accidents befall the men of the Saxborough family, the spirited Lady Drusilla Davanish sets out to investigate and soon finds herself in danger.


This gripping and simply must read book is now available to order on Amazon in kindle format as a download for only £1.93. Also available as a paperback.


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Dawn Harris was born in Gosport, Hampshire and has to date had over

100 short stories published in leading magazines. Her first book 'Letter from a Dead Man' is now on sale available from Amazon.

Letter from a Dead Man

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Letter from a Dead Man is set on the Isle of Wight. Photos courtesy of Les Allan at WightCam


I have always loved writing and can remember my teacher reading out something of mine when I was only eight or nine. But it wasn't until my youngest child started school that I took up writing seriously


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